Join the EcoLogical Mail Coalition now.  It'll take just four minutes to get started, it's easy to add your former employees to our database and it's COMPLETELY FREE!
It's fast, easy
and totally free!
We believe we will reduce excess mail by at least 15% in our first year of implementation.
Have questions about the EcoLogical Mail Coalition?  Need help?  Call us at 800-620-3975 or e-mail us.
When employees leave your company, marketers continue mailing to them for years.
This employee no longer works for your company.  Why are you still handling his mail?
Stop the flow!  Join the EcoLogical Mail Coalition, and you can stop receiving catalogs, magazines and other mail addressed to your former employees.
Stop wasting time and money.  Each former employees still receiving bulk mail costs your business $18 or more.  Use the first solution that truly works.  Stop wasting time sending mail back, try this instead.  It's completely free.  Really.  Marketers pick up the tab, everyone reaps the benefits.  It's fast.  It's easy.  Four minutes to set up, and just a few minutes weekly.
How does it work?  Find out fast with our Quick Tour.  Click Here.
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